Monday, July 11, 2011

Habana To-Go: Grilled Corn

I love a good snack in the summer since it's too hot to eat anything. J and I love getting Mexican Grilled Corn from Cafe Habana since they make it so right. The wait can be a little long but it's totally worth it.

We always get it to go since nothing beats walking in the streets and eating grilled corn. To me, it's more like a street food and it's great when people start staring at you and ask you where did you get that delicious corn.

A decent ear of corn, sweet all the time, gets grilled to perfection and covered in cheese, Mexican spices, and to top that off - a wedge of lime. The flavors are so intense and flavorful that you wish you had ordered a second one. Definitely one of the summer street snacks that never fails us.

Habana To-Go
229 Elizabeth St
New York, NY 10012
(212) 625-2002  


  1. OMG i luv corn~~~and i might be in NYC later this year with the hubby, while he will be working, i will explore the city(of course if i have a job by then i probably can't go)......i will def. check out the places you recommended ,, espeically the Peking duck sandwich stall


  2. OMG I love corn grilled like that!!!
    I'll always get them when I see them at like amusement parks or fairs. I haven't found a restaurant that sells grilled corn.