Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekday Lunch: Backyard Chicken

Working in the Financial District makes it hard to be able to find a decent lunch meal. I stumble across Backyard Chicken from my coworkers. After much interrogation of asking them where it is, I finally ventured out to find it. It's a tiny shop for takeout only, sorry no seats or tables here.

They're only open for lunch with chicken of fish of your choice. Their price is fairly cheap with a good amount of home-style cook food. A 1/4 of a rotisserie chicken with 2 sides and a lemonade is only $6. And might I add, the lemonade is fantastic. Perfectly sweetened and it goes so well with the entire meal. They also have grilled salmon but I always opt for the chicken.

Lemonade + Mash Potato, Chicken Leg, and Spinach
I asked for gravy with my mash but I guess they forgot. They do get a bit busy during lunch hours because the food is affordable and good. I love the spinach because it's not one bit creamy or anything, when you bite into it actually taste like spinach. A lot of their sides are seasoned very well, they don't skimp out and you can tell by just looking at them.

The chicken is good. I had the dark and white meat before and always go back to the dark meat because the chicken that they roast are already a bit on the dry side. Warning, not much seasoning here for the chicken. They do have different sauces for you to choose but they're 25 cents each. I usually use the gravy that comes with the mash but not this time!

I really do like Backyard Chicken. The staff are nice and the food is good. Oh, and the lemonade is just oh so greattt.

Backyard Chicken
241 Pearl St
New York, NY 10038
(212) 406-6600


  1. if i was ever in NYC id love to try it~~~who doesnt love good food, or better who doesnt love good food that are cheap~~~and i will do a nail color swatch soon~~~which one u wanna see??? all of them???

  2. it's nice to know there is a chicken called backyard chicken at Downtown...My friend have a Chinese fast food restaurant at Water's been ages since I visited them! I heard from them ,they also cook curry chicken and some Thai's food..

  3. @My Asian Kitchen Really? Do you remember the name of your friend's place? Would love to try it out =D

  4. Thanks for stopping by Elle! I'm loving your food blog as those pomme frites look amazing!! I've been considering starting one for a while now! Whenever I travel, all I do is take photos of food! =)