Monday, June 27, 2011


First off, I want to apologize for the poor quality of the photos. I really need a camera that takes good photos under dark lighting, I would take J's DSLR but that thing is huge!

I was feeling for sushi really bad last week and was also up for a new place. I chose JPan since they have something called the Tuna Dumpling which was literally the star of their restaurant. The place was dim but the staff were quite nice.We got seated and was given enough time (excellent!) before our waiter approached us and asked us what we like to order. I had a glass of plum wine which tasted so good and sweet at first, after 2 hours the wine got warm and started to taste like cherry flavored Tylenol medicine.

Tuna Dumpling
I was curious what was in a Tuna Dumpling or how was it even made. The plate was enormous with 2 different sauces on each side. I have no idea what they are but they sure compliment the dish really well. Tuna Dumpling, which is a big piece of tuna on the outside used to wrapped kani salad which was on the inside. Clever and delicious. There were bits of tempura flakes within the kani salad which gave it a bit of texture. Literally the best dish of the night.

Rainbow Fish Platter
Presentation was nice. Eight pieces of sashimi on a bed of greens with a sweet dressing. So, it's pretty much a salad at this point. But, it was really good. I should've had the whole plate to myself instead of sharing haha

From this point on, the food was just on the OK side. I was disappointed in the sushi which was why I came here!

Butter Flounder Fillet
J's entree which was not bad at all. The fish was cooked perfectly and paired with the sauce nicely. The house noodles that came along with it was on a total different level. They used fettucine noodles which doesn't work well when you try to sauteed it with vegetables in a Chinese-style. The noodles were undercooked and we barely even touched it.

Sushi Classic
Again, sorry for the poor quality!
A lot of places would give you the California roll but this place gave the Spicy Tuna roll, which I thought was way too soft and not spicy enough. The sushi was really good. Large pieces of fish with my rice underneath.

We also had the Angel roll and the Phoenix roll. Both were a total disappointment because the rolls were just too soft. It was mushy and the rice just wasn't holding up the entire roll together. The textures were off balance. I would stay away from these next time and stick with my sushi platter.

This place gave me mix feelings about their food. Would I go back? Yes, for the Tuna Dumplings but for the other items on the dish I'll have to think twice.

287 5th Ave 
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 788-2880 

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  1. sushi yummy!!!!! =D i love japanese food.
    Hm, the AA nail polishes seem to last long for me well I think they do.. hehe :)