Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hakata Ton Ton

Japanese hotpot in the summer? Let's go!

When it comes to food it doesn't matter what kind of weather is it. I might be eating boiling pots in the summer and ice cold desserts in the winter. As long as my stomach get some sort of satisfaction then my brain is happy.

I made reservations for HTT knowing they won't have seats if I just walk-in. With restaurants like this, that a lot of people know about and with fantastic food that is being serve, it's better to come prepared.

HTT is known for their hotpot dishes and also their tonsoku which is basically pig's feet. They have a ton of delicious appetizers also, hot or cold.  J and I got carried away with ordering, as you will see in the photos below.

Hakata Mojito
I wasn't going to order anything to drink, hoping to stick with just water than take on some empty calories but J was so persistent about it I ordered the mojito. Totally glad I did, one of the best ever just because it was sweet. If you like minty sweetness, you would love this.

Seared Veal Liver Sashimi
Half seared half raw, it was a different balance of texture. The cooked side was soft while the raw side was crunchy, quite interesting. The sauce was great also.

Atlantic Salmon Carpaccio
This dish was definitely one of the few dishes that made the taste buds go "fresh." I also love the pairing of all the colors. I don't know what the small orange balls are but they're crunchy and yummy! You might not be able to see it but they also have salmon caviar on top.

Sauteed Pork Tongue
Utterly disappointed with this dish. It wasn't sauteed and it was bland and dry. There was a sauce that came with it but it was just a sesame based sauce, didn't do much for my taste buds.

Foie Gras Inari Sushi
Sadly to say this was one of my favorite dishes. I don't like foie gras like that, maybe it's the texture or taste but I just don't like it. The only reason I like this dish is the inari sushi, the sauce that is smothering the sushi is delicious. J loves foie gras so I'm glad I can just throw the piece of foie gras to him and just enjoy my sushi.

Grilled Pork Tonsoku
What we basically came here for. I can't believe how soft they are, and gelatinous too. Never thought I would eat pigs feet outside of home but this was indeed good. If you think this is gross, well then try it and then tell me that again.

The before and after photo of our hotpot. We chose the Motsu Hotpot which is beef intestines hotpot. We had intestines before and totally forgot it would be chewy, oh wells, it was still good!
Warning though, you should try and devour this pot quick before it goes into the salty level. As the pot cooks while you eat, all the vegetables and meat get salty. If you eat slow, make sure you like sodium chloride or have a huge glass of water next to you.

Soba Creme Brulee
Dessert to end the meal with. I was surprised when the waitress gave us tea, it's 'cause I did not expect it at all. I have to say, the tea helped the saltiness a lot. The dessert came out and we were so happy the ice cream was in a bowl. You know how hard it is to eat ice cream on a plate? They just never learn, but HTT did! The black sesame ice cream tastes truly authentic because there was so little sweetness to it, love!

Lovely meal. I want to come back and try the Tonsoku Hotpot, maybe it would be less salty. This place would be great for winter but during the summer they have a/c inside so you'll be in good hands.

Hakata Ton Ton
61 Grove St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 242-3699


  1. haha, it's great that you're adventurous when it comes to food!! ;D I'm the same way. There are some things that I thought I'd never eat (like rabbit) that I've been glad I tried. So even thought I probably went like this O_o when I read pigs feet, I'd totally try it! Lol


  2. @Dana Yoshimizu I understand what you mean, sometimes there are foods that I wouldn't eat but it's how it was made and presented that makes you want to try it. It's all about perception! =]