Friday, June 17, 2011


I love me some soba whenever I can get my hands on it. I was introduced to soba last year and after that, I loved it and am addicted to it. Corocon is another small soba joints, I'm starting to think soba restaurants are tiny on purpose. Very home-y kind of feeling with less than 20 seats within the entire restaurant. Come early or else you'll dread the wait. Around 10 seats by the counter and only 3 tables that seats 2 people.

I've heard good things about this place, especially their Yuba and Stamina soba. Unfortunately, they were out of Yuba (I was bummed) so I ended up getting the Sesame soba and the boyfriend confirmed on getting the Stamina soba.

Steamed Chicken Meatballs
Don't underestimate these balls. It's covered in sticky rice which was a great touch. The chicken was extremely soft and tender, worth the 20 minute wait for these babies.

Sesame Soba
I was confused when they brought me my soba tray. Good thing the waiters are patient and they explained to me how and what I was suppose to do to my food, besides eat it of course. I get to grind my own sesame seeds and then place them on my soba. What fun! Really, no sarcasm intended. The sauce which I used to dip my soba was so refreshing. A light sesame and peanut-y taste.

Maybe I'm not the best grinder but who cares, it tastes great either way.

Stamina Soba
Winner of the night. They give you a small bowl of broth that hovering over a flame. Dip your soba in the broth for 15 seconds and voila. I love the soup! They had bits of pork and beef in the broth.

After the consumptions of these soba noodles (perfectly cooked by the way), we had sobayu. I had no idea it was called that until now. After finishing your soba noodles, the waiter would come by with some fresh mild broth which you pour in your sauce. With that, a new flavorful broth is made and you can drink it. So yummy. The stamina was still the best, J fished out the last drop in that bowl.

So much dessert to choose from, they even had specials of the day.

Annin Tofu
Before you jumped to conclusions and think it's only 3 small spoonfuls, what a rip-off. Ok, maybe it was a rip-off but it was worth the ripping off. These tiny bits of tofu are the shizzle. Packed with flavor and not one bit water-y. Tasted homemade, no skimping out on the ingredients. It's basically quality over quanitity, and I totally dig it.

Green Tea Affogato
Ok, I really hate it when J picks the best on the menu. This little dessert really gives some extreme satisfaction. Maybe it was the chewy mochi or the crunchy cornflakes. Pour some matcha green tea and it's heaven. Other items in the cup, red bean and green tea ice cream. I wanted seconds, actually I just want my own!

Sadly, this restaurant is in the middle of nowhere. You really need to find it to know where it is. But yet somehow, it's always packed - even on weekdays.

61 Delancey Street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 925-5220   


  1. omg I love love sobas! what a delicious looking post, you got me all hungry and it's lunch time here lol

  2. Yum! This looks delicious - I recently went to a soba place but was a bit disappointed (and I love soba); I'll have to try this one.

  3. Wow! Soba is amazing in taste and for health reasons! You are so lucky to live in such a great food mecca!