Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Clemente's Maryland Crabhouse

I was so excited to go to a crabhouse. J had found about this place and the idea of an all-you-can-eat crabs just made me salivate. The walk to this restaurant was insane but yet fun, in all I walked about 4 miles that day!

There were seats above the water in the sun and that was where everyone was sitting. J chose the no-shade side which soon later resulted him with a sunburn. He sports the color red on him quite well. The staff service was a bit slow, our waiter disappeared half the time when we were trying to flag him down. But the food sure does make up for it.

Beautiful view while eating. This was actually my seat and I was facing that but J was just facing other people and grass. Poor guy, always gives me the best.

My first time trying this, not bad at all. Beer flavor but not the beer alcohol content. Plus it makes me less bloated so I can eat more.

Bluepoint Oysters
Tasted so fresh and plumped. I can feel the crunchiness of the oysters which eat bite I take. I love eating mine with lemon and cocktail sauce. Next time we're ordering more, 3 for each of us just wasn't enough.

Clemente's Garlic Style
Old Bay Seasoning
For $32.95 a person you can enjoy endless amount of crabs. It was either the garlic infused oil or old bay seasoning. I personally really like the garlic oil because it was light and it didn't overpower the crab meat much. The old bay seasoning was good also, it was salty and then the spice hits you afterward. There is also corn and fries as your sides but I didn't waste my time on those, crabs FTW!

We were extremely messy. We went through 18 crabs each. Not much but we started getting tired to work for our food. Clemente's is a great place to head to when the summer hits because seafood in the summer is such a perfect match.

The bathroom were surprisingly clean also. They had automatic soap, towel, and toilet paper dispenser. Now, I only wish their toilet was automatic flush also.

Clemente's Maryland Crabhouse
3939 Emmons Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11235
(718) 646-7373


  1. Oyester~~~and all you can eat crabs~~~i am sooo writting this down if you go to NYC~~~~