Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pommes Frites

Pomme Frites is just the way to have it when you're feeling a little adventures with your normally everyday food. Who knew that fries can be this good. Wandering off in the East Village after a simple meal, J wanted some fries. We've passed this little hole in the wall a couple of times but each time after a fulfilling satisfying meal. This time, we made sure we had a meal that only half fulled our stomach.

Looks quite fancy for a Belgian fries kind-of-place. Actually, I like how it gives off a European feeling.

The evening was hot with just a breeze here and there. I was mighty happy to see two chairs outside with a table, which means it's gonna be munchtime! There are seats in the back of the store but it was way too hot inside. I barely walk 10 feet into the store because there was literally no air circulation at all.

Big chunks of fries which were said to be double fried, and I believed that since I saw a batch that was fried but still had a light yellow crust to it. Hot and fresh, I wonder how people held the cone since it literally burned right through it.

Look at how nice the fries look. Personally, I do like McDonald's and Popeye's fries more because there's more flavor and crispy texture to it. I mean, I do enjoy these fries also, the best part is actually in the sauce/dip.

Endless selection for you to choose from, they have insanely exotic flavors. They have the regular dippings for free while the unique flavors are $1 each.

Top: Parmesan Peppercorn - extremely heavy parmesan scent and flavor. If you love parmesan then this is definitely for you.
Lower Left: Sweet Mango Chutney Mayo - the best out of all 3. A light mango flavor mixed with yogurt and it's fruity sweet. Goes extra well with the fries. I would totally recommend this to anyone!
Lower Right: Rosemary Garlic Mayo - quite garlic-y and a hint of rosemary but it wasn't anything too special.

And the feast begins!

Like our arrangement? We actually had a hard time finishing since we were greedy and gotten the large after a dinner meal. Total fail!
All-in-all, it's a great snack and if you love fries you should really check out this place. I would go back just for the sauce. Not to mention they have over 20 sauces to choose from.

Pommes Frites
123 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003
(212) 674-1234 

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  1. I always get the parmesan and the mango as well! Yum!