Monday, March 21, 2011

Greenwich Village Bistro

Walking around on a Saturday wasn't exactly the brightest idea. It was really windy in NYC but plenty of sunshine, but I still didn't like the wind. Walked well over an hour in search of a good brunch place but for some reason - none was showing up. The last time I remember walking through the West side, there was loads of small little restaurants that offers brunch but that time I already ate. This time around, with the intent of finding a place there was none to be seen. Total fail.

Made a huge weird figure eight and ended back in square one. At this time, I was hungry and felt annoyed. Luckily, a decent place was in the proximity of my annoyance and ended up chowing there.

Sake Mary

Salmon, Spinach, Eggs
Steak and Eggs
So I was a bit disappointed at this place. It was all good until the bf and I placed our order. We both wanted brunch but apparently they couldn't serve us that and the waitress said she'll have the chefs in the back prepare us something similar to what we wanted. Then, I overheard her tell a group of 3 next to us that they were out of home fries. Oh, the luck that I have!

But the dishes weren't bad. The salmon could have been fresher and they could've gave more steak or maybe just present it better than that. The Bellini wasn't fresh, I think you can tell from the dull color in the photo. The Sake Mary was a surprise. Coming from the bf (a more of a drinker than I am and knows a lot more about cocktails), it was made correctly.  It had that kick of hot sauce, and I'm sure it was the Tabasco sauce.

The place was extremely laid back. The waitress was a bit too overly friendly and she looked quite like Leona Lewis - I say a bit scary? This place only accepts cash. I had to learn that the hard way.

Greenwich Village Bistro
13 Carmine St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 206-9777  

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